Chalcogenide Infrared Glasses
Application Note

Agiltron manufactures state-of-the-art infrared transmitting glasses by chalcogenide materials with advanced production processes and advantageous properties. Based on good transparency in both 3µm-5µm middle-infrared spectral regions and 8µm-12µm far-infrared spectral regions, these glasses can be used materials for infrared lenses, infrared fibers and infrared transmitting windows.

Advantages: Low dn/dT ,Low cost, Moldable, Properties adjustable, Good chemical stability,Shapes and sizes flexible.


AG1 Infrared Transmitting Glasses(0.8-14µm)
Material Safety Datasheet for AG2
AG2 Infrared Transmitting Glasses(0.6-9 µm)
Infrared Glasses Blanks