NanoSpeed™ Optical Switch Series
Application Note

The NanoSpeed™ Fiber Optic Switch family features industrial leading performance of ultra-fast response, ultra-low loss, and a wide operating temperature range from -50°C to +90°C. The switches are also highly reliable without organic materials in the light path. These switches are designed to meet the most mission-critical optical switching applications.

We currently offer configurations in 1x1, 1x2, and 1xN configurations in both polarization independent and polarization maintain versions. The patented NanoSpeed™ switch is non-mechanical, controlled by an electrical filed inside an inorganic optical crystal to facilitate state-of-the-art switching. The switching state is highly stable against environmental variations. Having an integrated electronic driver, the switch is conveniently controllable by a low voltage signal.

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NanoSpeed Switch Series

NS Series - 1x1 Switch
NS Series - 1x2 Switch
NS Series - 1x4 Switch
NS Series - 2x2 Switch
NS Series -Broadband 1x2 Switch

Electronic Switch Driver
100 kHz Repetition Electronic Switch Driver
500 kHz Repetition Electronic Switch Driver