Dynamically Reconfigurable Add/Drop Multiplexer Modules
Application Note

The Agiltron reconfigurable Add/Drop Multiplexer (ROADM) is designed for dynamically reconfigurable switching and routing applications. The ROADM reduces operating and capital costs of optical networks by enabling remote, dynamic channel reconfiguration and by reducing the number of opto-electronic regenerators required in the network.

Our ROADM selectively adds and drops any individual or a set of wavelength channels hitlessly and independently from a DWDM multi-channel stream into a set of designated optical ports. The module serves as a reconfigurable node to interchange wavelength channels among fiber routes and offers a competitive edge in the deployment of reduced cost dynamic all-optical networks.


WSS 1x2/2x1 (100GHz)
WSS 1x2/2x1 (50GHz)
4-Port ROADM
Programmable Filter
Reconfigurable Wavelength Blocker
Flat-Top 8 Channel Tunable Filter Array