Fiber Pigtailed Laser Diode Modules
Application Note

Agiltron offers fiber pigtailed laser diode modules. They are based on a breakthrough fabrication platform technology featuring industrial leading attributes in high efficiency, low cost, and high reliability. The modules offer optimum coupling in a small, rugged package. Our bonding material and processing not only meets NASA's low outgas requirement, but is also capable of withstanding high temperatures (120°C). The package meet Telecordia 1221 reliability standard.

Pigtailed Laser Diode Modules are available with a variety of diode case sizes, output powers, wavelengths from 400nm to greater than 3 mm, and all types of fibers including single mode, multimode, and polarization maintaining. This pigtailed package and its process are available for customer’s laser diode or VCSEL with TO-CAN.


Fiber Coupled Laser
High Temperature Fiber Coupled VCSEL
Taped power monitor-generic(Compatibility Mode)