High Power Optic Components
Application Note

Agiltron has perfected a proprietary in-fiber beam expansion technique that enable us to convert all Agiltron's fiberoptic devices to handle high optical power up to 10W in CW operation and KW in pulse mode. Agiltron is also producing fiber optic collimator with power handling up to 100W CW. Agiltron make customer high power devices. The in-production device performance specs are:

High Power VOAs

Nano Speed VOA
Nano Speed PM VOA
High Power Circulators

1310/1550nm Circulator
High Power TGG 850/980/1060nm Circulator
High Power Isolators

980-1060 isolator up to 5W
980/1060nm Isolator up to 20W
1310/1550nm Single Stage Isolator
1310/1550nm Dual Stage Isolator
1310/1550nm PM Single Stage Isolator
1310/1550nm PM Dual Stage Isolator
High Power Fiber Collimator with Isolator
Compact 1060nm Isolator (1W)
Compact Collimator with Built-In Isolator
High Power Switches

Nano Speed 1x1 Switch
Nano Speed 1x2 Switch
Nano Speed PM 1x1 Switch
Nano Speed High Power PM 1x2 Switch
LB Switch
CL 1x1, 1x2 High Power Switch
CL 1x5 PM Reflection Switch
(For Sensor and LIDAR applications)
High Power Collimators

100W Collimator
High Power Connectors

High Power Fiber Optic Connector